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How Technology can Bridge the Distance

Distance from family members can be one of the greatest challenges facing ailing parents. Let’s be clear, distance isn’t bad and, in many cases, can be a good thing. However, most people aren’t able to consistently travel the distance to provide care for their parent. Even when some live close, he or she is unable to find time to aide a parent. There is something that can help: technology.

Many people are hesitant when it comes to technology and their parents because of age and how complicated it can be to use. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated and it can help bridge distance and lost time.

Below are four ways you can use technology in your parent’s home care.

Telephone Calls

This may sound simple, but hear me out. Phone conversations can be an extremely helpful way by which you stay involved in your parent’s care. It is best, however, to have long conversations rather than short conversations. If the conversation is only a few minutes in length, it may be difficult to notice signs of self-neglect or memory loss. Try to ask specific questions, like “What are you doing for lunch?” and  “What are your plans for this evening?” If they plan on skipping meals, it may be time to look into a care giving service.

Skype or FaceTime

These services are an excellent way to stay in touch with an ailing parent. Besides quality time, it allows you to read visual cues. Does your loved one  look disheveled? Is there house clean in the background?  This is a simply but effective to see if your parent needs care.

Online Grocery Services

Recently, many grocery stores have started delivering. If your parent wants to limit drive time, or just can’t drive anymore, this is a good option. Amazon fresh and Amazon pantry will deliver food and household items to your door. ACME farms is another great option and a local favorite. They drop off local fresh produce as well as recipes to keep a variety in your diet, they also have a ready-made box that can easily be reheated. You can set up an automatic weekly or every other week delivery service and your loved one, or their caregiver, can prepare or reheat the meals. (This isn’t available everywhere.)

Care Portals

Generations Home Care provides a care portal for all family members concerned about care. So, whether you are on the road, at work, or states away, you can always know how well your loved one is being taken care of.

We know that you care and that distance can be a problem. Let us help.