Generations Home Care

Elderly Woman And Caregiver Linked In Arms Smiling At Each Other

Our Story

Generations Home Care is a locally owned business that offers friendly, responsive service in your neighborhood. Our hope is that we are a part of filling the state of Washington with beautiful communities for seniors and their families. We built Generations Home Care for you and your family because we care.

We believe in a simple principle–do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This principle guides our work as caregivers, as employers, and runs into our personal lives. Our hope is that Washington will be better for it. Our families live and work in Tacoma, Spokane, and Bremerton. Our children are in the schools, and we are devoted to providing an honest, straight forward business to our community.

Our Values

  • Care

    We do good to all people whenever we have an opportunity.

  • Integrity

    We believe in doing what is right even when no one is watching.

  • Excellence

    We strive to do all things as well as they can be done.

  • Fun

    We enjoy relationships with our coworkers, clients, and the people we encounter through the course of our service.

  • Growth

    We create an environment where people are inspired and enabled to reach their full potential.

Meet Our Leadership

Garth Brandt


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Garth has worked in senior care since 1998 and is the President of Generations Home Care. Garth attended the University of Washington, obtaining degrees in both business and law. He and Teresa have one daughter, Lauren. Garth loves the outdoors and is an avid hiker. In his current role, Garth oversees operations to ensure the company runs at an optimal level. Garth also advises the company on legal issues and related matters, and manages the finances for the company.

Garth Brandt and Wife

Jake Gamble


Jake has been involved in senior care for 12 years. He started working in Memory Care in 2012 and founded Generations Home Care in 2015. Jake started Generations Home Care in hopes of building a care team that formed deep connections with clients and their families, providing excellent care, and honoring the lives of our clients. He lives on Washington’s Key Peninsula with his wife (Jessica), three kids, three dogs, three goats, and three horses. He loves to surf, spend time with friends, and serve at his local church.

Jake Gamble and his family: Wife, 2 daughters and son

Jeff Levine

Spokane Administrator

Jeff grew up in Olympia, WA before attending Eastern Washington University. He fell in love with the east side of the state and Spokane quickly became home. Today Jeff and his wife, Brooke, live in the Garland District with their two young girls. In 2021, he started Generations Home Care Spokane with a vision to build something beautiful and care well for people in the city he loves.

Jeff Levine and Family, Including Partner, Baby, Toddler, and Dog


    Thank you for working with us and making a tough time easier, it really was a stress reliever. Your staff were kind, and took great care of dad. We especially appreciated JJ’s gentle and kind heart, and love for dad. We appreciate you helping us in our time of need. you were the extra set of hands that we needed!

    - Hope

    Thank you so much for your help during my time of need. Your staff was wonderful. Everyone I met was pleasant, fun to be with, and eager to work. You all helped make my transition home smooth, and I am so appreciative. Jaleesa, Bianca, and Haley were all so responsive, helpful, and compassionate. Thank you, Generations Home Care!

    - Renee

    Our experience with Generations Home Care was brief, but so positive. The staff is full of caring and compassionate people. Clay was wonderful, and we felt very comfortable with him. Jake was great, and he made a difficult situation much easier. Thank you to your wonderful team!

    - Lisa

    We have found Generations Home Care to be exceptionally caring and courteous. Jane (caregiver) has such a wonderful personality and is very flexible. We are just getting started, but things are truly outstanding so far.

    - Bruce

    We have two of the best care givers that I have ever seen. They are loving, giving, nurturing, and totally take care of my mom.

    - Gail