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Team Member of the Month: November

Daniel Herbert Foss: CBT, AAC, NAC, MHT, and BA.

I was born in the dark ages and while discussing philosophy with Sir. Francis Bacon I disagreed with his methodology of pure science and dominance over the weak, creatures that are unable to defend themselves, all for the sake of science. I found myself bound more closely to a theology of humanitarianism and, because of this, I care for all creatures on Earth. Super hero origin story aside, I’ve wanted to spend my time adding a little bit to others’ lives. I desire to be a person that goes that extra mile and to give people I meet a better quality of life.

I recently achieved my Bachelors of Arts at the University of Washington. I am headed to graduate school to achieve my licensure as a counselor from a nationally accredited college. Four years from now, I hope to be the owner of my own practice. So if anyone’s looking for a counselor, I will have reasonable rates.

It’s me, my wife, 5 kids, 3 grandkids and I’m loving life. I’m high on Maslow’s pyramid.