Generations Home Care

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Team Member of the Month: April

My name is Jane and I am a married mother of 3 teenagers and 1 grown daughter. I am also proud to be a grandma! Before coming to USA I was a high school teacher in my country for over twenty years. Once I arrived in Washington, I started pursuing a career in healthcare. I’m currently working on a nursing degree (LPN) at Clover Park.

Before joining GHC, I worked for an agency that gave me shifts in a Snoqualmie hospital and nursing homes around Tacoma and Federal way. During this time, I occasionally worked at assisted living facilities where I gained a world of  experience as a CNA. These new experiences were challenging and sometimes overwhelming, but I took them in stride as I provided care to my clients.

For prospective GHC employees, treat every client as your first client. You have to understand their unique needs and situations and treat them with as much dignity as possible. Satisfying a client’s needs is challenging when they want you to do something you know won’t help.

GHC administration has been very helpful by creating each of us an individualized schedule. Being a student, a mother and babysitting my granddaughter is no walk in the park, but GHC makes it easy by being so understanding and genuinely listening to my needs. This makes working with my clients very pleasant.

I have built patience I never thought I possessed under GHC employment. I love being a companion to my clients and learning from their wisdom. Their experiences have touched my heart in a big way and allows me to empathize with them as I provide care from my heart.