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Medication Assistance for Elderly Individuals

Ensuring Safe and Timely Medication Management

Taking prescription medications may seem simple enough, but as we age we start taking more medications and supplements. For those who struggle either physically or mentally to keep up with their normal daily activities, even taking medications can add a level of complexity. It’s okay to get help! We admire those who can reach out and accept help before medication management becomes a bigger issue.

Understanding The Challenges of Medication Management 

As part of a suite of services we provide for the elderly and homebound, Generations Home Care also provides medication assistance services. We want to ensure that your loved one is taken care of and has the help he or she needs to stay on track with their medication. We can help with:

Medication Reminders

Generations Home Care offers customized medication reminders for the elderly, tailored to individual needs. Leveraging technological solutions, timely and accurate medication reminders are delivered to promote consistent adherence. Our experienced caregivers provide compassionate support throughout the process.

Medication Administration Supervision

Trained professionals oversee medication self-administration, ensuring correct dosages, frequencies, and timings. By reducing the risk of medication errors and complications, our caregivers ensure the safety and well-being of elderly individuals.

Medication Management Tools

We use medication management tools such as timing and scheduling programs, blister packs, pill organizers, MediSets®, and pill dividers. Our team assists in selecting the most suitable medication management tools for individual needs.

Nurse Delegation

Some clients may require assistance with administration of medications. In those situations, many of our caregivers have training called “Nurse Delegation.” That means that a licensed nurse may delegate certain tasks to caregivers who have completed this training. This can include medication administration and diabetic blood sugar/insulin monitoring.


How can I ensure my parents are taking their meds on time, especially if they have memory loss?

Our medication reminder services include customized systems that cater to individual needs. Our caregivers ensure timely reminders and support for proper medication adherence, even for individuals with memory loss.

Can you help my loved one take their medication?

Absolutely. Our trained professionals oversee medication self-administration, ensuring correct dosages, frequencies, and timings. We are able to help with coaching, preparation, and enabling without involving a nurse. We provide compassionate support to help your loved one take their medications safely and accurately.

What should I do if my loved one is not taking their medication regularly?

If your loved one is facing challenges with medication adherence, seeking help is better than risking the adverse effects of medication misuse.

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