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The Importance of Social Activity for Seniors

The Importance of Interaction

In the past, we have discussed the benefits of remaining physically active, but we have yet to discuss the importance of remaining socially active. Social activity can be an effective way to maintain one’s body, both physically and mentally. These perks are important for senior citizens as it can improve their mood, quality of life, and can fight against feelings of loneliness.

If there is a lack of social interaction, one has a greater risk of depression and dementia. Staying involved with friends can improve brain function and a produce a sharper mind. And, as we all know, community is important and it will give senior citizens a sense of belonging and place in the world.

A Decline

As mentioned above, seniors are more prone to depression when they feel isolated, and depression can lead to a faster decline. Community can be enjoyed in a variety of situations: around a table, at a line dance, and at the pool. When community and these activities are removed from one’s life, they are often left with a lack of purpose. It’s a decline that we want to avoid.

What can we do?

Things to Do

Here are some things that we can encourage our parent, our loved one, or ourselves to do:

  1. Join a club: A reading club, golfing group- any hobby for that matter- is a good way to have a once weekly meeting with friends. These meetings can help foster and grow existing relationships while exploring an activity you enjoy.
  2. Taking a class in your community: Have you ever wanted to draw? Write? Finding and taking a class at your local community college or community center is a good way to meet new friends and keep your mind active. Learning new things is one of the bests ways to keep your mind active.
  3. Volunteering: If you’re able, finding a way to serve your community- whether it’s at a soup kitchen or the yearly fair- is a good way to have create purpose in your life.
  4. Learning new technology: Learning how to use FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts is an excellent way to stay connected with your friends and families who live miles away.

If you have trouble with these activities, Generations Home Care can help. Give us a call today.