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Bathing & Shower Assistance for the Elderly at Home

Nothing could be more sensitive than the issue of personal hygiene. That doesn’t change when you grow older, and we understand that asking for help can be difficult and embarrassing. But it doesn’t have to be. We know how scary it is to have someone help you with your personal care, which is why we want to ensure that your privacy and dignity are rigorously guarded. We do the best we can to preserve the independence of our clients while ensuring that they are safe and practicing good hygiene. 

Too often, we find that seniors who are no longer able to carry out their normal personal hygiene regimens may be too embarrassed to ask for help. They may stop taking care of themselves and start to isolate themselves from others. We believe seniors deserve better than that. 

Our professional and compassionate caregivers are both sensitive and experienced so they can help with personal care in the most respectful and capable ways. By getting to know our clients,  we can establish the right schedule and types of help for their needs. We can facilitate showers, baths, bed baths, dressing and more. The schedule can be as frequent as daily, or as infrequent as weekly, depending on the preference of the client.

Bathroom Help For Seniors

Restroom assistance differs for everyone. Unfortunately, many senior falls and injuries occur in and around the bathroom.. Some need assistance getting to and from the toilet, others may require assistance cleaning up after using the commode., some need help showering or bathing, and others need help dressing. Whatever the need may be, we provide help that can ensure your safety, and we do it discreetly and respectfully. We can provide hands-on or standby assistance–whatever is needed and is most appropriate for the individual situation. 

Dressing Help For Seniors

Whether you’re old or young, dressing often requires balance, mobility, and flexibility that can be somewhat rigorous. It isn’t surprising that as we age, dressing can become more and more difficult. Our caregivers are well trained and capable of stepping in when you need just a little help, or taking over and offering more involved assistance when needed. They are trained to be sensitive to the needs of our clients and tuned in to how they can help most effectively.  

Home Safety For Seniors  

Most falls occur while seniors are transferring in and out of the tub or shower due to shower and bath thresholds and, often, a lack of adequate handrails. We can help assess what needs to be changed in your living space to make bathing and personal care safer. We can connect you with resources for making the necessary modifications to help you whether you decide to remain totally independent or to use our ongoing services. 


Can I choose a male or female caregiver to help me with my shower?

The answer is always yes. Your comfort is our top priority.

How much shower help can you provide?

We can help with anything from monitoring and making sure you’re safe to complete and total assistance with every aspect of bathing.

How often can you help shower?

That is up to the client. We recommend showering at least twice a week and up to daily or multiple times a day when there is need.

How can I make my shower more safe?

While Generations Home Care doesn’t do the actual modifications, we have access to many resources and partners (occupational therapists and contractors) who can help install grab bars, shower mats, and walk-in tubs/swinging-door bathtubs.

My mom (or dad) just needs help in the shower, is there a minimum hourly requirement?

Technically no, we can do a 1 hour minimum visit if you only need help with a shower or other minimum needs.

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