My name is Sarah Wambui Gacheru and I am the proud mother of three girls and one boy. I’ve been working as a caregiver since 2011. During that time, I’ve  worked with different companies where I received good reports, but I never wanted public praise. I believe in caring for vulnerable adults, helping them live another day, and making them happy. This is what I aspire to achieve every day.

In the past, I worked with an elderly client who lived in Puyallup. When I first arrived, the client said she didn’t need help and tried to chase me away. I fixed the situation by telling her that she was supposed to take care of me. After that, she invited me in and offered me a cup of tea and something to eat. Because she thought she was caring for me, I was able to care for her. Anytime she asked me if I needed anything I would ask her to eat and take her medicine, which she was happy to do. Her family was surprised, but happy, when they didn’t receive a call from mom to complain about me.

In the future, I would love to become an occupational therapist. I want to help vulnerable adults recover from injuries and surgeries. I am humbled to receive this reward and can’t explain how happy I am to be honored by Generations Home Care. I believe in team work and the goal of GHC: to provide excellent care that will satisfy the needs of our clients.