Team Member of the Month: March

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Loren joined the GHC team around five months ago. He grew up in anchorage Alaska and then moved to Gig Harbor in 2006. He now lives in Tacoma. He loves soccer and has traveled to 10 countries–mostly to do mission work. He enjoys history, culture and ethnic differences. Before coming to our agency, Loren worked…

Team Member of the Month: February

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My name is Darlene. My favorite part of working with Generations Home Care is that the staff is always friendly–I know I can call about any problem problem or stop by the office and voice my concerns. They have always been good about returning my phone calls if they are not available when I first…

Team Member of the Month: January

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My name is Cyndi and I am 28 years old. I’v recently moved to the Tacoma area after living in the small town of Ocean shores for 13 years. While I lived in Ocean Shores, I worked as a caregiver and med tech at a assisted living facility for six years while also working at…

Team Member of the Month: December

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Hello, my name is Alana and I am 24 years old. I have been working as a CNA at Generations Home Care for about a year and  I am very grateful to have met such wonderful people (clients and staff). Unfortunately, when I was younger, I was in and out of hospitals which put me…

Team Member of the Month: November

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Daniel Herbert Foss: CBT, AAC, NAC, MHT, and BA. I was born in the dark ages and while discussing philosophy with Sir. Francis Bacon I disagreed with his methodology of pure science and dominance over the weak, creatures that are unable to defend themselves, all for the sake of science. I found myself bound more…

Our Story

We believe in a simple principle- do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This principle guides our work as a company, as caregivers, and as members of the community.


Core Values

Doing good to all people as we have opportunity
Doing what is right even when no one is watching
Striving to do all things well
Enjoying relationships with our coworkers, clients, and the people we encounter through the course of our service
Creating an environment where people are inspired and enabled to reach their full potential
“The care you need in the place you love.”


Helping people truly enjoy life at home.


To be the best home care provider and employer in the Puget Sound and do so in a way that displays the love of Jesus.