Finding the Right Home Care Company

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Finding a good home care company can be difficult. When it’s time to find help for mom, dad, or any other family member, we want immediate assistance. When talking with home care companies, there are three big questions that many people ask right away–what will it cost, how many minimum hours, and how quickly can…

Caregivers: Cleanliness and Dementia

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Dementia is difficult disease to handle for both the care provider and the one suffering from the disease. The Alzheimer’s association defines dementia as “a general… decline in mental ability.” Those suffering from dementia may not know the importance of taking a bath or general cleanliness. There are many reasons why this may be, memory loss, confusion, or…

Our Story

We believe in a simple principle- do the right thing, even when no one is watching. This principle guides our work as a company, as caregivers, and as members of the community.


Core Values

Doing good to all people as we have opportunity
Doing what is right even when no one is watching
Striving to do all things well
Enjoying relationships with our coworkers, clients, and the people we encounter through the course of our service
Creating an environment where people are inspired and enabled to reach their full potential
“The care you need in the place you love.”


Helping people truly enjoy life at home.


To be the best home care provider and employer in the Puget Sound and do so in a way that displays the love of Jesus.